Friday, August 14, 2009

All About Jasper

Jasper is considered a Chalcedony, although some will put it in the quartz group because of it's grainy structure.

Jasper, once known as "spotted stone' by the Greeks is usually grained, flamed or can contain streaks. Streaked or banded Jasper is known by many names such as Red Zebra Jasper and Landscape (or Picture Jasper). Banded Jasper will have layered effect on the stone that is the result of compressing silica rich sediment and volcanic

Some Jasper's will also have a circular pattern on them such as Leopardskin Jasper, Kiwi Jasper, which is created when the diffusion begins at the center.

Uniformly colored Jasper is rare but is seen in Red Jasper. Jasper can be grown with agate or opal and there is also fossilized Jasper.

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Jasper is created when fillings of crevices occurs and is native to Egypt, Australia, Brazil, India, Canada, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Russia, Uruguay and the United States.

You can find Agate Jasper in colors of Yellow, Brown or green blended. Bloodstone is also known as a Jasper which has a dark green background with specks of red in it.

Some people claim that certain healing powers come with specific Semi-Precious stones. Jasper has claim to healing toenails and Sciatica, while Red Jasper and Yellow Jasper lay claim to curing the Pancreas. offers a wide variety of Jasper stones in both semi-precious gemstone bead and cabochon form.